Professional Graphic Design


Kennel Image is an award winning full service Web Design, Graphic Design, Print Production & Marketing company. Our strategically selected team of graphic designers, web developers, illustrators, programmers and media staff deliver nothing less than clean, streamlined designs and customer service that makes you feel right at home and in full control over the design process. Our work is based on sound principles and the latest developments in the fields of web page development, web design development, print design, and design trends so you can bet that your designs will always be up to date.


All of our Designers (both Web & Graphic) and Programmers on staff have been properly schooled in the Computer Arts Field and all have distinguished degrees in their respective crafts. There is a lot more to the Design process than learning a program on your own and calling yourself a designer, which is unfortunately plaguing our Kennel community today as more and more Kennels appear. Commonly referred to as “Breeders turned Designers” or “Bedroom`Designers” who aim to make a buck off of unsuspecting Kennels. So do not be fooled, ask questions and do your due diligence to make sure you get your Marketing Materials done correctly the first time around so you do not waste time/frustration/and money. Remember, we are always here to help you with any questions.


Highly regarded as one of the Premier Marketing companies focusing on the Kennel Industry, we are guided by a simple principle: we care about quality. The fact that near 80% of our new business is generated by word of mouth referrals is evidence of the integrity, professionalism and creativity we provide on a consistent basis. Add into the mix a cutting edge Kennel Image design team that breathes creativity and innovative design... and you’ve got yourself one awesome Design & Print Marketing company!


The needs and success of our clients goes hand in hand with our main objective. We want to make you look good with design solutions that are not only high in quality, but effective as well. Our goal is to make your image look so good that your competitors won’t stand a chance. Serving Kennels Worldwide for over 7 years, we consistently deliver outstanding service through our top-notch, versatile, modern, clean and/or urban style design techniques. And of course, we handle all jobs with a creative attitude and the determination to exceed all expectations. Give us a shot to see why hundreds of Kennels choose Kennel Image for their Print & Web production needs each year!


What makes Kennel Image unique?


Convenience - Having one company maintain all your designs across one platform ensures brand consistency that creates a huge impact on brand awareness. Trust us, this is way better than having a bunch of designs from two or three different companies that leaves your target audience saying, “What company exactly are we dealing with again?” Get your branding done right the first time here with Kennel Image, go to our Testimonials page to hear what our clients are saying about us!


Consistent Quality - We deliver the best quality you could ask for at all project levels, at more than fair prices based directly off of the quality of our designs. With award winning designers on staff and project management systems in place to see your order is done within our turnaround times, you can not go wrong with Kennel Image.


Exceptional Service - As a niche driven business, we offer personalized service that allows for flexibility, customization and high quality marketing on a personal level. Whether you need a CMS website design up within the next few weeks or a print design by the next day, we deliver on our end of business every single time. We are open from 10AM-6PM EST/ Monday-Friday, however we have employees answering emails and working online throughout the night, so if you are night owls or are in different time zones, we still have you covered.


Quick Turnaround Time - In the digital world where web development and print turnaround times move fast, time is always against us. Our team aims to complete projects ahead of schedule which allows us to specialize in meeting tight deadlines and completing rush projects with as less stress involved as possible. Remember, it is always better to order early to save on expedited S&H costs.


Affordable Prices - We offer flexible pricing and many special offers for Kennels, as we know these expenses come directly out of your own pockets. We can work within your budget to deliver the kind of quality that will keep you coming back for more.


Complete Solutions - Kennel Image is so much more than just any Kennel design firm. With a client list spanning the globe of thousands of Kennels (as we are the first professional company to hit the “Bully World”, and paved the way for our competition), along with years of ‘front line’ experience, we have the expertise to provide marketing solutions to help any serious Kennel succeed. We pledge to guide you towards making the best possible decisions with your marketing & communicating messages, regardless if you decide to use us or not. So if anything use this site as a guideline in taking the necessary steps and asking the proper questions when choosing your designer (given it is not us).


Graphic Design Services:


Logo Design A Website Design A Business Cards A Web Banners A Breeding Banners A Vinyl Banners A Promo Flyers Magazines A Booklets A Stickers A Brochures A Catalogs A Calendars A Postcards A Posters A Vehicle Adhesives/Wraps Signage A T-Shirts A Trade Show Supplies A Billboards A Tent / Canopies A & many more Graphic Design Services!