Professional Logo Design


A Logo is a graphic representation of your Kennel's identity. It’s your brand name, this is how customers will determine your Kennel from the rest. Make it one to remember!

The unique look of your Kennel logo should be integrated throughout all the elements of your marketing materials: Business Cards, Websites, CMS Websites, T-Shirts, Signage, Banners, Sales Kits, Media Advertising, Promotions, etc. An effective logo works across a variety of mediums and applications. For this reason, logos should be specifically designed in vector format, to ensure that they scale to any size.


A lot of new Kennels eager to open often give little or no thought to the importance of their brand identity, and there’s always the temptation to take some short cuts (usually to save time, money or a combination of both). With so much to get done establishing your Kennel, designing an appropriate Professional Kennel Logo hardly seems like a top priority. However, this oversight can prove to be a costly mistake. The trouble is that in the long run, most of these ‘cookie cutter’ or ‘breeder turned designer’ solutions will turn out to be neither inexpensive or time effective. In result costing you valuable time and wasted money due to lack of experience / knowledge and the design process in its entirely when designing for both print and web. In over 7 years of our client relations experiences, we have seen these shorts cuts cause many headaches time after time as your Kennel grows and its time to to expand your marketing. Remember a Web Banner is NOT a Logo!!!


At the end of the day, it pays significantly to work with seasoned professionals with the experience to get your job done right - the first time around. Kennel Image is one such solution, your Kennel Logo designed by Kennel Image is an investment that will reap benefits throughout the life or your Kennel. However if you do not choose to hire us, this advice still rings true for the company or designer that you do hire. We want to help all Kennels under all circumstances so this is some very useful information to know when electing the designer of your choice!




Logo Design Examples