About Us

There are Many Imitators, But Only One Originator!

Kennel Image is a multi-facetted creative company concentrating on Dog Kennels & Breeders Worldwide. Our primary focus is providing Kennels and all associated Vendors with High End Professional Graphic Design, Web Design, Full Color Printing, Promotional & Tradeshow Products. By priding ourselves on delivering quality products and service time after time, we have established loyal business relationships with hundreds of Kennels over the past 8 years. We are now considered to be the Premier Marketing company to service the Kennel industry, and the Go-to-Guys for any Print/Design/and Web, or any other marketing supplies! Our industry leading portfolio, experience, and the vast options we offer aimed to improve your Kennel’s bottom line separates us from the rest of our competition! We have been paving the way since 2004, and set a standard of professional grade quality expected each time by all of our customers!

So do not be fooled, ask questions and do your due diligence to make sure you get your Marketing Materials done correctly the first time around (so you do not waste time/frustration/and money). Make the right decision to work with the professionals here at Kennel Image! If anything, use our site as a guide to gain a better understanding of what each marketing piece should include, for example why all Professional Logo’s should be created in vector format, and the many other key components that should be considered and understood when developing the “face” of your Kennel business. This is all stuff we are here to help you with!

Kennel Image also serves as the preferred Print Vendor for many smaller but validated Design & Print Companies in our Bully community. So if you do graphics or have potential printing clients please Contact Us for more information about our Resellers Program and start earning significant profits on your print work!

Kennel Image Introduces our New Online Store the "American Bully Shop"

We have created an online shopping environment that not only makes the ordering process much easier for you, it also rich with many features that benefit the cutomer!  The more you shop on Kennel Image's American Bully Shop, the more rewards points you earn.  you can then redeem those points for free products, gifts, and much more.  We try to think of as many ways to give back to show our appreciation, so what else helps more than providing you a way to earn credit as you shop.

Become and Affiliate and Start Earning FREE Money for Doing Nothing!

If you are a Vendor, Kennel who sells products, or Entrepreneur orf any kind and are looking for an effective outlet to sell your products, our sytem is also setup perfectly for you as well!  We will add you as an affiliate and we will dedicate an entire category specifically with your products. With the large amount of time and money we put into online marketing The American Bully Shop, and the large amount of traffic we command, your business will benefit directly as traffic is driven to our site where your business products will have its own dedicated section.  Whenever a customer orders your product, you are emailed the order information so you know what and where to ship.  Simple as that!

Kennel Image's American Bully Shop affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link, or links on their website which advertises Kennel Image's American Bully Shop or specific products on it.  Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission.  The standard commission rate is currently 10%, however the more sales you bnring in the higher % profit you will earn.

For more information please click the "Affiliates" button under the "extras" tab on the footer at the botom of this site.  Sign up as an affilioate and we will contact you to help get you setup!